Being a musician is not an easy task. It required a lot of determination and patience. Some musicians achieve success at an early stage while some take years to reach their desired level. These musicians create a wide range of music with different beats, notes and enthusiasm. Some are either popular or seeking a platform to showcase their talent in order to succeed. One such incredible artist is Varender Singh who creates music with such zeal and passion that his songs are bound to be famous. His thirst for music projects through every track she composed, which achieved success across music platforms.

These days he is not only working for Cigna but also known on social media for his photography by his alias name Channi Miglani. Speaking about his interest, Varender Said, “ I use my experiences and understanding of life for creating my portraits. Clicking pictures and then editing them to reflect my inner thoughts about nature, life, an event or a character is my general objective for my audience. All my content takes hours of finding and research. I sometimes get criticism for my photos but I positively take all the love and hate and use it to grow more.”

He further added, “Through my photos, I depict my favorite characters in such a way that my editing skills stand out. I respect this art and am very fond of photo editing. My photos are related to past and current affairs all around the globe. I’m thankful to those who have shown me love and appreciation for my work.”

Varender Singh main focus is to maintain a great attitude and style while making music as well as while singing. This proves his confidence in front of the mic which showcases his madness for music. According to him Varender music made him feel belonged and also made him understand his purpose in life.

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