Employers who have kept employees on the payroll through the recent troubled times may be eligible for credits through the ERC program, which was created with the CARES act in March 2020. The regulations have been changed several times, so employers who were previously non-eligible may now claim these credits through an updated service.

To learn more about Employee Retention Credit eligibility, please visit https://evolvederc.com

With the most recent updates to the program, it has been effectively ended, but eligible employers may still claim their credits as long as they file before the deadline. Eligible businesses may qualify for as much as $26,000 per employee, as well as employee bonuses.

Through the Evolved Profits ERC program, employers can determine their eligibility and file for credits without up-front charges, as well as taking advantage of the company’s Evolved Employees Rewards program. This program carries no extra fees and gives employees a way to support charitable causes of their own choosing.

The ERC program includes employees who were on the payroll between March 2020, to the end of December 2021. Employers who received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) payments during this time are still eligible for the credits, and employers who qualified for PPP also qualify for ERC.

To claim their credits, employers can contact Evolved ERC for a detailed analysis of their eligibility, and guidance on filing and tracking the tax credit. No charges apply until after the credit is received, and there is no risk for businesses that turn out to be ineligible.

Due to the several changes made throughout the ERC program, it is not uncommon for payroll processors, bookkeepers, and regular CPAs to be unfamiliar with the new regulations and unable to maximize a company’s return. Evolved ERC specializes in this specific legislation, as a division of Evolved Profits, and has saved businesses more than $1 Billion since 2010.

After the process is complete and credits have been processed, the Employee Rewards Program will be created automatically, using 5% of the fees paid to Evolved ERC. This 5% is included in the original amount and is not an extra charge for the business. The 5% will be given to employees as “impact dollars” which can be donated to any of 1.5 million curated U.S.-based non-profits.

To learn more about Employee Retention Credits, please visit https://evolvederc.com

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